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Some Science Stuff

One of the things that has caused me to lose serious respect for many environmental action groups is their hysteria over genetically modified organisms.   Their attacks rely on a lot of junk science, and some other things:

Well, it owes to a mishmash of anti-corporatist ideology, natural fallacy (GMOs are not natural!) and precautionary principle extremism. But here’s the odd thing. If you read through the reader responses to the NRO article, you’ll see lots of GMO-fearing conservatives who also hate Monsanto.

Over the years I’ve seen more crap about this than anything else.   It doesn’t help at all, and particularly when you have well-known people pushing it through sloppy, plagiarized books and using their reputations as an appeal to authority.  It needs to change.

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Thursday Science

One of the great tag lines for a movie was for the movie Alien:   “In space, no one can hear you scream.”    Well, scientists being the curious type, have decided to test that hypothesis.

A smartphone has been blasted into orbit from India by a team of researchers from the University of Surrey.

They hope to use a purpose-built app to test the theory, immortalised in the film Alien, that “in space no-one can hear you scream”.

The phone will play out several of the screams submitted by people online.

Hey, who knows, maybe you can hear a scream in space!

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Some Science – and Some Fun With It.

It’s possible to do science  “at home.”  It may not be good for your waistline, but you can do some interesting experiments making ice cream.   A few ziplock bags, some half-and-half, a few other ingredients, and you can do some science.  You can even eat the results.   You may need multiple repetitions to get things “just right.”

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