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Go Digital Or Go Dark

One of the fond memories I have about my childhood in the Adirondacks was when my parents would decide to take us to a movie at a small theater in a nearby town.  It also served as a performance venue for various bands, stage shows, and the community theater.  It was always a special treat to go, and to this day, I still love to go to a movie, buy a bucket of popcorn, and watch a movie in the theater.  When I moved back here, the theater was still going, until 2006, when the owner decided to close it.  After two years of effort and organization, it was taken over by a community group and reopened, to everyone’s delight.  But recently, another threat loomed on the horizon, and it wasn’t just this theater that is facing it.

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Thinking About Movies

When I’ve had slow times, I end up watching a lot of movies.  I don’t often see a movie in the theater, because I generally live in areas where the theaters are too far away to easily get to.   I’ve come to lump movies into four categories.  Great movies are few and far between.  They’re the ones I buy the DVD for, simply because I want to be able to watch it again, or re-run parts of it.  Good movies are the ones I’ll watch once or twice a year as a rental or if it happens to be on television.  “Indifferent” is something I saw once, and while it wasn’t in the “bad” category, it wasn’t something I’ll willingly see again.  The “Bad” though, make me wish I could get a refund.

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Most Quotable Movies

There are a lot of “memorable quotes” from various movies.   Most people can quote a  line from many of them.   They range from “Make my day” to “Here’s looking at you, kid.”   We may not always remember the particular movie, but we know the line.  However, there are a few movies that have provided a wealth of quotes, quips, and these days, memes.   Many people can not only repeat them, they can virtually read the script from memory.   Here, in somewhat chronological order, are my “most quotables.”

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