Go Digital Or Go Dark

One of the fond memories I have about my childhood in the Adirondacks was when my parents would decide to take us to a movie at a small theater in a nearby town.  It also served as a performance venue for various bands, stage shows, and the community theater.  It was always a special treat to go, and to this day, I still love to go to a movie, buy a bucket of popcorn, and watch a movie in the theater.  When I moved back here, the theater was still going, until 2006, when the owner decided to close it.  After two years of effort and organization, it was taken over by a community group and reopened, to everyone’s delight.  But recently, another threat loomed on the horizon, and it wasn’t just this theater that is facing it.

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What Part of No Didn’t You Understand?

There’s a story in the news about Google pushing its “Google Plus” social networking, to get more sites to allow people to log in using their Google identities.  Just a nice feature?  No, not really.  It’s for advertising and revenue purposes.  It’s nothing new, Facebook already does it:

Since 2008, Facebook has been able to gather massive troves of information about its users’ activities even if they are not on Facebook because many popular apps – such as Spotify’s music streaming service – allow users to log in with their Facebook identity, which results in data funneled back to the social network.

Google already owns YouTube, and has been pushing people to sign up (or as they call it, “upgrading”) for Google Plus in order to comment or log in.

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The PC – Not Dead Yet

In looking around at the various tech and business sites or blogs, there’s discussion about how the personal computer seems to be “on the way out.”  They’re basing that on sales figures from various manufacturers, as well as the sales of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8.   The thinking is that “obviously” the market has shifted, and people are purchasing tablets and smartphones as replacements for their personal computers.

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Wasting Some Time

While the Internet has many good things on it, with an ability to find out what’s going on around the world as well as educating yourself, there’s also the reality that many of us spend quite a bit of our time … wasting it.   Yes, while we’re supposed to be doing something productive, we’re often spending time looking at YouTube videos and Lolcats.     Look through any management site or magazine, and you’ll find various discussions on how to deal with this.  This is not one of those posts.

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Isn’t Anything “For Granted” About It

One of the interesting – or annoying – things about living in the Adirondacks is that you get a perspective on how many things have become “taken for granted,” when in reality, there’s nothing “granted” about it.   In fact, just two or three decades ago, they didn’t exist or were only available to a limited few.   I realized this the morning when my internet connection started having problems because of the weather.  It was annoying, to put it mildly.  You see, I take it “for granted” that my connection will be working, and will have a reasonably high speed.  But less than a decade ago (7 years, to be precise), my internet connection here would have been a dial-up, and that would have been “iffy.”  But it was what was available.  A decade before that?  I would have been (and did) paying for that same connection “by the minute,”  and if I’d lived here, I wouldn’t have had it at all.

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Technology Qualms

Early last year, I left a site I’d been a member of for almost 6 years – Digg. Why? Well, because they changed their user system. Instead of having a Digg account, you had to use your Facebook account to log in. They’ve since changed this to allow you to use your Twitter or Google Plus accounts as well. The problem? Quite simply, I don’t have a Facebook or Google Plus account, and have absolutely no plans to get one. I do have a Twitter account, so I could return, but that first announcement was the “last straw.” But it points out something that’s becoming an increasing problem: The assumption that everyone has a Facebook account.

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