Webbing Around The Comics

As I said in my first post here, I used to be a serious comic collector.   While I gave up collecting, and for the most part buying comic books, it doesn’t mean that I gave up an interest in comic art.   One of the little “hints” you may have noticed is my blogroll.  It’s a set of webcomics I read on a regular basis.   Yes, I will eventually get around to adding in the “serious” sites, but those are the “fun” ones.  The ones on the blogroll are just a small selection of my bookmarks, and that leads me into today’s post.

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A Hobby Ruined

Many years ago, I was an avid comics collector.  Over the course of several years, I built up a collection of over 7000 comic books.   I was a serious collector.  I had Number 1 issues, complete series, one-shots, you name it, I probably had it or was working on getting it.  I did it because it was fun.  I liked reading them, and collecting them was just a part of that.  Then came the day when I stopped.   Not because of financial reasons, although the finances of keeping up were a consideration, but because of other things that were happening.  The industry was changing.  You see, when I got into collecting, the majority of people doing it were like me – fans who enjoyed the comics, and liked having a collection of their favorites.  Then came the people who realized that there was money to be made from collecting.   Comics weren’t the only area where this was  happening.  All sorts of collectibles were experiencing the same phenomenon.   But that wasn’t what made me stop.  After all, my collection was now valuable.

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