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One of the things that has caused me to lose serious respect for many environmental action groups is their hysteria over genetically modified organisms.   Their attacks rely on a lot of junk science, and some other things:

Well, it owes to a mishmash of anti-corporatist ideology, natural fallacy (GMOs are not natural!) and precautionary principle extremism. But here’s the odd thing. If you read through the reader responses to the NRO article, you’ll see lots of GMO-fearing conservatives who also hate Monsanto.

Over the years I’ve seen more crap about this than anything else.   It doesn’t help at all, and particularly when you have well-known people pushing it through sloppy, plagiarized books and using their reputations as an appeal to authority.  It needs to change.

Ever wonder what happens when you try to wring out a washcloth in space?  Wonder no more!

There’s a lot of videos about various jumping spider’s mating dances, but it’s not just the dance – they also “sing” (or drum) to woo their mate:

One of the problems looming here in the Adirondacks is the Emerald Ash Borer.  It’s already caused serious damage across a number of states, and has been spreading fairly rapidly.  The reason for this is that people are moving it, by moving untreated firewood (non-kiln dried) around when they go camping.   One of the real debates is what to do with it if it gets here.  There’s some … constitutional questions:

Timber harvesting is banned by Article XIV of the state constitution, which mandates New York’s forest preserve is to remain “forever wild” and “the timber thereon (shall never) be sold, removed or destroyed.”

“We’re not sure,” said John Sheehan, of the Adirondack Council environmental group, on the question of whether saw-wielding state staff could clear sections of the Forest Preserve to prevent an infestation. “That’s the troubling question of the moment.”

Hopefully, everyone will get the lead out and figure out something before it arrives.

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2 thoughts on “Some Science Stuff

  1. see above

    We’ve already got it here and there are some areas of our town that are naked of trees as a result. One a separate note I get you other blog notices but for some reason can no longer access it. It has been awhile since I’ve been online due to some personal stuff so I can’t say when it became inaccessible for me. I get a this is marked private meesag and have no idea how to get through to Word Press to see whats going on. Can you help in any way?

    • It’s a long story that I won’t get into, but the reason the blog has been marked “private” is that I’ve taken “Norbrook’s Blog” off-line for the next few months. All the posts and comments are still there, just not visible to anyone except myself.

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