Officially Spring, But It Doesn’t Look It.

According to the calendar, it’s been Spring for a couple of weeks.  According to the “look out the window” around here, it’s still … Winter.   Last year at this time, I was looking a greening lawns, trees starting to bud, and warm temperatures.  This year?

There’s still a foot or more of snow on the ground, the lakes are still iced over, and it has been an occasional rise into the low 40’s, but it’s been occasional.  The nights are well into the teens and twenties.   So, the question is:

Yes,  I’m not working outdoors (yet), but all the bundling up doesn’t always help.

Oh well.  It should be warming up in the next couple of weeks, and I’ll be back outside working.  I’ll have to get busy rounding up all the equipment,

deal with the usual winter damage,

and get ready to deal with nature.

Fortunately, there’s always something to get me going.

but sometimes it takes a while.

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One thought on “Officially Spring, But It Doesn’t Look It.

  1. sjterrid

    Thanks for this mornings laughs! 😆

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