St Patrick’s Day!

It’s St Patrick’s Day. The day we all celebrate being Irish, claim to be, or heck, just because we need an excuse.

When we indulge in traditional Irish libations…

Make sure that we’re wearing green, even if it really doesn’t suit us

Look for shamrocks, and other tokens

But we need to be careful not to overdo, because tomorrow is Monday

And we’ll have to get out of bed and go to work.

So, to everyone….

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5 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day!

  1. sjterrid

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for the laughs! 😆

  2. aquagranny911

    Had to visit to see what you did. Great diary…just a little bit of plaintive…

    Do you think that some day in the future everyone will want to be Mexican on Cinco de Mayo? We like to drink & dance too, lol.

    • Ain’t nothing stopping you from having them. 😀 That’s how the Irish did it – eventually everyone else figured “what the heck, any excuse for a party.” 😆

  3. aquagranny911

    Ah Norbrook! It’s not so very much our accepting of them as their accepting of us ♥

    • It only took the Irish a little over a century. Patience, patience! 😆 In the meantime, party on the 5’th of May. 😉

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