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Happy Easter!

It’s Easter!  An important holiday when many attend church

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St Patrick’s Day!

It’s St Patrick’s Day. The day we all celebrate being Irish, claim to be, or heck, just because we need an excuse.

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Sharks and Other Critters on A Tuesday

In a previous post, I talked about a fossil jaw that had stumped scientists for over a century.  It belonged to a fish called Helicoprion.  Well, we have some video:

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Welcome to … The Desert?

I’m often told by various visitors to the Adirondacks how lucky I am to live here year-round.   Yes, there are a lot of good things about living here.   I know most of the people in the area, we’re very much “small town” in both population and attitude.  I don’t have to lock my doors or my car, and it’s not uncommon to see a car left running while someone goes in to check their mail or grab something from one of the convenience stores.    Having lived in cities, the difference in noise and attitudes is remarkable.   Those are the upsides, but there’s a downside:  I live in a desert.

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What Part of No Didn’t You Understand?

There’s a story in the news about Google pushing its “Google Plus” social networking, to get more sites to allow people to log in using their Google identities.  Just a nice feature?  No, not really.  It’s for advertising and revenue purposes.  It’s nothing new, Facebook already does it:

Since 2008, Facebook has been able to gather massive troves of information about its users’ activities even if they are not on Facebook because many popular apps – such as Spotify’s music streaming service – allow users to log in with their Facebook identity, which results in data funneled back to the social network.

Google already owns YouTube, and has been pushing people to sign up (or as they call it, “upgrading”) for Google Plus in order to comment or log in.

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