Miscellaneous Musing – Labels?

Most of us don’t really read the labels on things we buy.  But every now and then, something catches my eye that makes me wonder about why manufacturers have to state the obvious.  Yes, yes, I know, government regulations and someone had a bad reaction somewhere about something, but it appeals to my sense of the ridiculous.

What caused me to start thinking about this?  It was when I was reaching for something in the cupboard and a bit of text on a box of corn starch caught my eye:  “A gluten-free product.”  Really.  Yes, I wouldn’t expect it to, but hey, good to know.  It got me started looking at other labels in my cupboard.   The bag of flour informs me that the product contains wheat.  Well, I’d certainly hope so.  The can of sugar tells me that while it has sugar in it (good), it doesn’t have fat or cholesterol.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that it has good automatic spam filters, in addition to what you can set to “mark  as spam.”  The down side is that it doesn’t just disappear, you have to go into the management console every now and then and hit the “empty spam” button.  What I have noticed is that there seems to be two general spams, one from a Brazilian list, and another trying to tell my how to do search engine optimization.  Since they never make it past the automatic filter, and I’m pretty sure everyone else is getting the same thing, it makes you wonder why they bother.    At least it’s better than the spam I get on Yahoo.  There, it seems to be a remarkable number of e-mails telling me about how much money I can get, security systems, and various offers for porn.

Today is the last time that Georgetown plays Syracuse as members of the same league.    If you’re not from the Syracuse area,  you have to understand that when it comes to basketball, and particularly Syracuse University basketball, the people there are rather the definition of “fanatics.”   Which is why this is a sad time for them, but they’re going to send it out right:

Boeheim was talking about Georgetown-Syracuse, a rivalry unmatched in its heyday in the 1980s when the Big East Conference was in its infancy. A rivalry that will have a different feel after this season when Syracuse leaves to join the Atlantic Coast Conference.

”It’s not the same when you’re not in the same league,” Boeheim said. ”It will never be the same.”

… They meet for the final time in the Carrier Dome as conference members on Saturday. That’s the reason students have been camped out all week to be part of an NCAA on-campus record crowd of 35,012 that will transform the stands surrounding Jim Boeheim Court into a raging sea of orange.

It should be a great game, and a great spectacle.  But it’s sad that the landscape of modern college sports is shifting so much in the chase for the almighty football dollar.

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