Wasting Some Time

While the Internet has many good things on it, with an ability to find out what’s going on around the world as well as educating yourself, there’s also the reality that many of us spend quite a bit of our time … wasting it.   Yes, while we’re supposed to be doing something productive, we’re often spending time looking at YouTube videos and Lolcats.     Look through any management site or magazine, and you’ll find various discussions on how to deal with this.  This is not one of those posts.

No, this is a post to help you waste some time, or more correctly, a few of my favorite “non-productive use of the Internet” sites.    The games sites.

First up, Addicting Games. This is owned by Nickelodeon, and has a wide range of “browser based” games, of all types. One of the cautions is to check to see if it’s an “external game,” or “sponsored.” These usually are games that run elsewhere, or may require you to install a client program. I try to avoid those, mainly because I haven’t found too many games that really are worth the effort, but your mileage may vary. In general a good selection of games, most of which you can use to while away the spare few minutes or hours.

Next is Armor Games.  Similar to Addicting Games, they usually have newer games than the previous site, along with a better emphasis on “what’s popular” with the site users.

Max Games is another good site, with some different games on it, although the search isn’t quite as nice as Armor Games or Addicting Games.

Ninja Kiwi is the final one, a much more limited site in terms of selection, but with their own games.  The main games are “Bloons” – or ballon popping games, along with some “tower strategy” games (including Bloons).

They’re all sites with a good range of fun games that don’t cost anything to use.  There’s a lot of overlap between them, in that you’ll find the same games on one or more of the sites, but they all have exclusive content as well.   I’ve spent many a happy hour wasting time on them.  Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Wasting Some Time

  1. sjterrid

    I waste time every day on Bookworm!

  2. I never play these kinds of games; they bore me silly. But I sure do waste some time on the interwebs, reading news sites, following my nose on a variety of topics. Now back to work . . . .

    • I do that as well, but as a long-time gamer, as well as someone that doesn’t watch television, I’ve been known to while away some time at these sites. Alright, a lot of time at these sites! 😆

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