Most Quotable Movies

There are a lot of “memorable quotes” from various movies.   Most people can quote a  line from many of them.   They range from “Make my day” to “Here’s looking at you, kid.”   We may not always remember the particular movie, but we know the line.  However, there are a few movies that have provided a wealth of quotes, quips, and these days, memes.   Many people can not only repeat them, they can virtually read the script from memory.   Here, in somewhat chronological order, are my “most quotables.”

Blazing Saddles: While Mel Brooks has had a number of “lots of quotes” movies, this one seems to have more than the usual, at least in terms of staying power.

Monty Python and the Holy GrailThe quote laden movie.  Monty Python skits are still quoted, but this movie has a script that’s virtually non-stop great quotes.

Airplane! :  This is tied with Monty Python for generating enduring quotes and routines.   The movie that showed us that “serious dramatic actors” like Robert Stack, Peter Graves, Lloyd Bridges, and Leslie Nielsen were … funny as hell.

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2 thoughts on “Most Quotable Movies

  1. sjterrid

    Thanks for the laughs. 😆 Blazing Saddles is the only movie above that I never seen entirely. I caught glimpses when it was on t.v. My favorite Mel Brooks movie is Young Frankenstein.

    • Almost anything you saw on tv from that movie was probably severely censored. 😆 The language even today is not “politically correct,” – particularly the frequent use of the “n-word” – but I’ve noticed that it also gets a pass on that score from most African-Americans. 😉

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